How does SmartBabyBuys work?

SmartBabyBuys was designed to connect people to help them sell, shop, and have open discussion about all things baby related.

How does SmartBabyBuys make money?

We take 10% of every sale made.

What makes SmartBabyBuys different?

We are different because we care, we care that you don’t have time to set up a yard sale, we care that you haven’t slept in 3 days and that you have spit up on your shirt and you just want to get rid of the swing that your baby doesn’t use anymore and you are tired of tripping over it. We truly understand how valuable a parents time is. Trust me, I have been there!

What makes SmartBabyBuys different from other related websites?

Seller and buyer control.  I want the buyer and sellers to feel like the purchase experience is more personal. I wanted to create a website that could utilize the instant connection we have as caregivers and parents. I wanted to create a website that people can use to actually recover some of their hard earned money without sacrificing a large portion of their sale to fees the website takes. I want for the seller to decide what their items are worth. I wanted a place where buyers and sellers can discuss the products openly to help share information, that others can read, to help them learn as well. I can’t stand the thought of parents having to buy 4 or 5 of the same items to find what they need. By connecting and talking we can help each other. I also developed attachments to some of the items I used with my son and I want to know they will go to a good home and I know others out there feel the same way. I want a happy, trusting, safe place people can help each other, and in turn, help themselves.

How much does it cost to list a product?

To list an item on SmartBabyBuys is absolutely FREE!

How do I get paid?

After your item is sold and the payment has processed, your profit, minus 10%, is deposited into your Paypal account. If you do not have a PayPal account, we highly recommend getting one! It’s FREE and it keeps your personal bank accounts separate from all transactions. Click here to sign up for PayPal!

Do you have to have a social media account to use SmartBabyBuys?

It isn’t required to have a social media account, but if you do, we have set up SmartBabyBuys so that you can share your items on your own social media accounts or even share an item that you want with your best friends!

How long will it take to list a product?

Less than one minute. It has always been very important to us that this site be very simple and quick to use, we wanted for you to be able to buy or sell your items from anywhere at any given time. Let us know if you have ideas that can make your experience a little easier.

If I am a small business that does not have an e-commerce website or if I make or personalize my own baby items can I sell them on this website?

Yes! We love resell, who doesn’t?! But we also love monograms, custom outfits and brand new stuff too!

How can I increase my sales?

By grouping smaller items together to a value of $10 or more. Sure,  I’m happy for you to list any quality item for any price, however, when people can buy 5 onesies for $10 it’s easier than them having to make 5 separate purchases of $2 to get what they need in addition for allowing for a good negotiation opportunity if the seller chooses to take offers. Speed, honesty, quality and open discussions are key for both parties being happy with the transaction.

How long do I have to respond to an offer made on one of my items?

Once a buyer makes an offer you will have 24 hours to respond to the offer.. If you accept the offer the buyer will have 24 hours to accept the offer.

Any unanswered questions? Email us!