My name is Natalie. Today is my first blog post for my website. Today marks day one of fulfilling my dream as a business owner.

Welcome! I want people to know this website was created because I truly care about helping connect people and helping them provide for their families. This website was designed to bring people together to share experiences they have had during the process of being a parent. I want this post to be short and sweet so I want to end this blog with a quote from a friend of mine in Florida that, in my opinion, sums up everything important we intimately want to show our children – “Take a deep breath and love every stage.

The house doesn’t need to be clean the laundry doesn’t need to be done the only thing your baby will remember is how much Mommy played with him. If I’ve learned nothing else I’ve learned that the second time around being a grandma. It’s not about perfection about love – Trish”